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Since 1976, Mountain States Screw Machine Company has demonstrated quality and commitment to our customers. Our wide cross section of precision-machined parts service many industries including the fields of aerospace technology, medical, orthodontics, robotics, automation, small appliances, communication, time equipment, sport equipment and recreation.

All of our customers require confidentiality, so you will not see any photos highlighting our work on our website. We specialize in small quantities, 25 parts or smaller and will run up to 100,000 pieces. Our live tooling 7 axis CNC Swiss screw machines have a 1 1/4" diameter capacity. Our CNC turning lathes have a 1 5/8" diameter capacity.

Whether your parts are done in one operation on our live tooling, full c-axis machines or turned and then finished with another operation, our machine shop is equipped to accurately and adequately machine parts up to .0003" tolerance. With the latest technology we can finish off your part with our full spectrum second operation equipment.

Our experienced machinists and our equipment offer cross working, milling, drilling, tapping, magnetic grinding, ultrasonic cleaning and more. We have a comprehensive inspection program in place to insure high quality manufactured products. Mountain States has experience machining:

  • Hi-Temp Alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Specialty Metals
  • Ferrous Alloys
  • Non-Ferrous Alloys
  • Plastics